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Improve your Game Skills

Thanks to a small and comfortable gamepad you can develop your skills in Battle Royale Mobile games.

Six Fingers - Higher Speed

If you think playing with 4 fingers makes you fast, imagine playing with 6 fingers.

Your game speed can be increased amazingly, thanks to 4 strategically placed metal triggers to give you the best comfort and speed.

You will be able to shoot, aim, jump, move and duck at the same time.

Fast reaction

Thanks to the 4 highly sensitive buttons, you can react instantly when you pull the trigger.

It will allow you not to leave your enemy time to react.

It will reduce lag considerably.

Better grip - More comfortable games

Battleground Gamepad surrounds the phone giving you better grip and ergonomics.

You can play several games without your hands getting tired.

It adapts to your grip, soft texture and pleasant to the touch.

Improve your game between 50% and 75%

According to surveys that we have done to 100 buyers, we conclude that your game will improve between 50% and 75%.

What stood out most was an improvement in speed when moving and reacting.

 be the king in battle royale


Charge while you play

Quiet, with Battleground Gamepad everything is designed for your long and pleasant hours of gaming.

It has two spaces around the remote so you can connect your charger and headphones.

In addition, it will not cover the sound output or the microphone.



Do you often play with other phones? Or do you just want to lend the gamepad to your friend?

No problem, Battleground Gamepad adapts to the vast majority of devices that are between 4.5 and 6.5 inch.

No ban risk

Battleground Gamepad, unlike other gamepads, does not connect with other devices.

Thanks to this, risks of banning by the servers are avoided since they automatically detect a connection to another device (usually via bluetooth) and ban you.


Fan = Happy Battery

The more you play, the more you ruin your battery.

To avoid overheating, Battleground Gamepad includes a small but powerful fan, which will allow you to lower the temperature of your battery taking care of it and preventing it from being ruined.

This fan is rechargeable (it has a microusb input), it rotates at 4,500 RPM and it has 2,000 mAh of battery.

You can use it around the game in a row and its charge is approximately one hour.




Made of resistant and excellent quality plastic, providing greater comfort and ergonomics.

Metal triggers.

Back folding buckle: Can be used as a stand.

Product size: about 160 * 119 * 42MM / 6.30 * 4.69 * 1.65inch

Product weight: about 140g

Each purchase includes:

One Battleground Gamepad.

Four spare rubbers.

Cable Micro usb.


SAVE 30 USD with this Special Time Offer and Improve your Gaming Skills


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